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Mission Statement

Making the most of individual talent - nurturing every child

St. Winifred’s School seeks to provide a positive and secure environment where individuals feel valued and respected, where they can develop their skills fully and achieve their best potential.

Our aims are:

  • To provide a happy caring environment in which everyone feels valued.
  • To have high expectation of everyone in our school community.
  • To assist children to develop concepts, skills, attitudes and knowledge to enable them to access the primary curriculum.
  • To promote high standards of education through the diversity of a broad based curriculum and through the many other educational opportunities available.
  • To provide the appropriate preparation and support in the curriculum for pupils to achieve success in personal targets and goals.
  • To provide an environment that will help all individuals, regardless of their race gender or disability, acquire the skills for co-operative and personal learning.
  • To provide each child with moral guidance so that they develop a sense of right and wrong in the expectation that they will develop into self-confident individuals with a good understanding and tolerance of the beliefs and cultures of others.

St Winifred’s School believes that these aims can be achieved through the efforts of its well-qualified staff, its structured and up to date curriculum and the many appropriate facilities and resources available to ensure pupils’ full and successful participation and achievement.

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