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Work Experience

Towards the end of the summer term, Year 10 students have two weeks work experience. Please click here to see what some of our students said about their work experience. 

We encourage students and their parents to source their own placements, and the school also holds a directory of companies offering work placements and opportunities in a wide range of areas such as:

Student on work experience placement (Retail industry)

Activity Centres Agriculture
Animal welfare Armed Forces
Arts/Theatre Catering
Construction Engineering
IT Floristry
Gamekeeping Hotel and Leisure
Marine industry Music
Photography Retail
Schools Sports


Students have to apply in writing, sending a CV and may also be required to attend an interview.Student on work experience placement (catering)

Once in their placement, they keep a daily diary about their feelings, what they have done and what they have learned. students are visited by a member of staff during their placement. At the end of the two weeks they are encouraged to think about how they feel and how they may have changed following their work experience, considering the following:

  • Have their feelings about themselves changed? If so, how?
  • How they feel about working life.
  • Have their feelings about school subjects changed?
  • What they feel more confident about.
  • What worried them before they went, but turned out to be all right.
  • What new skills they have learned?
  • What responsibilities were they were given.
  • What they did which they felt pleased about.

On their return to school, students give a presentation to those in Year 9, mounting displays of their varied experiences.  Please click here to read some students' comments about their placements.


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