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Student voice at The Gregg School


  • To give students responsibility for deciding how they would like to develop the school in certain areas.


  • To enable students to become aware that students' ideas are valued and worth implementing
  • To enable students to gain in confidence
  • To enable students to understand the procedure of formal meetings
  • To enable students to plan, seek approval and implement student ideas around the school

Student Voice gives students the opportunity to sit and discuss important issues and changes for the school.  Their ideas and suggestions are taken very seriously and many have been implemented during the last six years.  The four 'Working Groups' with specific areas of responsibility are open to anyone who applies and have `attached` prefects.

The groups are as follows:

The Eco group - Environmental impact of the school.
The Charity group - Charitable occasions and fund-raising
The Wellbeing group - Non-curricular school life
The Curriculum group - Educational developments

These groups form the lower chamber of this bicameral system, and each of these groups will have a representative on the new upper chamber of the School Council.

The upper chamber, or School Council, consists of sixteen students, twelve of which are elected to represent their year groups at the start of the year.  The School Council has responsibility for oversight of the Working Groups, the budget and more advanced duties such as forming student interview panels for new members of staff.

The student voice structure makes it possible for students to increase their say on a variety of issues and, with the fantastic ideas students are capable of, help the school innovate and grow!


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