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On Tuesday 11 November, we held an assembly about Remembrance Day. In preparation for the assembly we made poppies out of card and created a wreath with them. There was a poem read out about Flanders Fields and the men that fought from the Hampshire Regiment. On each individual poppy we put the name of a solider from the Hampshire Regiment who died in World War 1. We also had a minute’s silence for the men who fought for our country which ended with a trumpet playing the Last Post.

Charlotte S, Jenna S and Daniella P


The assembly was very emotional and it was a great way to remember the soldiers that had died in World War 1. Tom J-T


I liked the assembly because it made you think about all the soldiers that died in war. I think it was a happy feeling putting up the poppies on the big wreath. Kaira F-P


I thought that it was amazing seeing that big poppy wreath.  It really made you think about the millions that died in the mud and sweat of the infamous World War 1.  Not every school thinks about it as closely as The Gregg School.  Oliver S

 Poppy wreath created by students at The Gregg School Poppies made by students which were used to create a large wreath

I liked the assembly because it made me think of all the people who had died in the war. It also made me feel happy that we are still remembering all the men, some women and some children. It is so sad that so many people have died in both wars. Overall I really enjoyed the assembly! Georgia D


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