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Head Boy and Head Girl





I joined The Gregg School in year seven and it still seems like yesterday I arrived at school in my oversized blazer, but it’s safe to say that from that day, I have loved every second of it.

The school has a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome. The small classes mean that everybody gets to know each other and build friendships that last throughout school life as well as enabling the teachers to provide the students with the support and encouragement they need with their work, allowing everyone to achieve their best. They often go out of their way to help students and if we ever struggle with something, teachers are always willing to give up their time to help us and this is especially helpful as you enter your GCSE years.

We as students are very lucky with our school as it is set in beautiful grounds that can facilitate a range of activities such as our annual cross country event, cricket, football and rounders league matches and even science experiments. There are two hard courts for netball, basketball and tennis and a recently opened pole vault bed as well as a cricket pavilion. I am not a particularly sporty person myself.  However, the school has given me the opportunity to play on school teams and try new sports, such as skiing and ice skating, in P.E.

If you are not interested in sports, there is definitely something for you at The Gregg School:  A wide range of musical activities such as wind band, rock band and our school musical; there are many clubs available and every other Wednesday everybody participates in an activity hour which gives you the chance to try new things and meet people from other years. Activities include cake decorating, boot camp and ultimate frisbee.

The Learning Resources Centre is open every day for people to visit and often plays host to a variety of games. For students who are interested in school life there is a student council that allows us as students to learn more about the school and even get involved in the interviewing of new teachers - something I have very much enjoyed doing!

Our school has a very caring nature and there is always someone to turn to. I have greatly enjoyed my four years at the school and I am really looking forward to year eleven with all the challenges it will bring. I will leave The Gregg School with many great memories I will keep forever.


I first came to The Gregg School in 2010 as a Year 7 student.  I was really excited to join as my sisters had been here, and from the moment I went to Taster Day I was well and truly hooked on The Gregg. 

My time at The Gregg School has gone faster than I ever could have imagined. I have enjoyed every day because of the friendly and encouraging teachers who are there for you every step of the way!

I love sport and so one of the areas I love is the School’s determination to compete against other local schools, which have many more students than us – and we often win!

The Gregg School offers a wide range of opportunities from joining the choir to testing your bravery in pole vault, to the F1 Schools team and the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.   

Our Learning Support Department is really successful at what it does.  I attended Learning Support for three years to help me with my dyslexia and encouraged me to overcome my difficulties; I am now more confident in all I do.  I couldn’t have done this without the encouragement and time the department gave me.  

Our school is set within 23 acres of stunning gardens, park and woodland which gives The Gregg School a unique setting. It is good to be able to work hard in a class room and then have a well-deserved break in such lovely surroundings to relax and get ready for new challenges.   We are also very lucky to have a magnificent football pitch and wonderful cricket facilities including nets and artificial wicket with a sports pavilion.

Our School has lots of different student and teacher groups to work on ideas of how we can make the School an even better place from a student’s perspective. We have Eco, Curriculum,  Charity and Wellbeing groups to raise awareness of local and global issues and how we as a school can help.  

I would describe my time at the Gregg School as a head start in the world of work and being socially educated, because of the countless life lessons I have learnt from all my curricular and non- curricular activities, and representing the school at many sporting events.

I look forward to working my hardest through my final GCSE year, and as Head Boy. I am excited to go to college.  However I know there won’t be the friendly and supportive atmosphere of The Gregg School – but I will have been well prepared for whatever comes my way.



Sienna and Andrew were asked to write down their feelings about School, and these were their responses.  They are their own words, nothing has been changed.




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