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Our Vision


The Gregg School student: 

Diagram showing qualities of a Gregg School student

Is engaged with learning and the life of the school, intellectually curious, aspiring, ambitious, pro-active and ready to participate.


Takes responsibility for his or her own learning and behaviour.  Demonstrates respect, compassion and tolerance for others.


Shows independence in and has control over learning, is autonomous, accountable, evaluative and resourceful as an individual.



Is increasingly confident in themselves as a learner, a good communicator, resilient and aware of strengths and place in the world.


Displays maturity in all relationships, able to make good decisions, healthy choices, ready to accept change, emotionally intelligent and prepared for the twenty-first Century.


Our Mission

To achieve our vision by:


Our deep knowledge of individual students; fostering their talents, sharing their successes in small classes, allowing them the space and opportunity to develop into ambitious, well – rounded adults who are able to maximise their potential.


Providing an holistic learning approach where students are given strong guidance by caring staff and challenged by a diverse and exciting curriculum.


Encouraging ambitious learners and independent thinkers who have high expectations, stamina and take responsibility for their own development.


Inspiring lessons that making learning fun, exciting and thought-provoking.


Providing enriching opportunities that are wide and varied that encourage exploration, active participation, aspiration, leadership, confidence, oracy and esteem.


Enabling their appreciation of our beautiful environment at Townhill Park House that both inspires and encourages them value their surroundings and to ‘be themselves’.


Closely monitoring learning with a personalised approach that is based in exceptional student – teacher - parent relationships using coaching, mentoring and strong feedback that encourage reflection.


Fostering a culture of respect, integrity, responsible behaviour, where good manners are expected and diversity is valued.


Working closely with our partners, valuing their commitment and contribution that they make for the benefit of our community.


Being passionate about our shared vision at The Gregg, the subjects we teach, our students and in the quality of the work we do.


Ensuring that our students are adaptable and fully prepared for their work, lives and futures in a technologically rich and dynamic 21st century.







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