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General Information

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School hours and attendance
School Closure

Code of conduct
Rewards and sanctions
Homework and planners
Lunches and breaks
Bus routes
Valuables in School


School hours and attendance

The school day starts at 8.45am and ends at 3.45pm.  Students may arrive at school from 8.00am.

If students are unable to come to school, parents are asked to notify the school either by telephone or email on the first day of their absence, giving an indication of when a return to school is likely.  If it is not possible to predict accurately the date of return, parents should continue to telephone the school each morning to confirm their child's absence.   To enable us to record the absence as approved, a letter explaining the reason for absence is required on the student's return to school.

Parents who wish to take their children out of school during normal term time should apply to the Head teacher in writing, in advance, giving details of the proposed absence.   Leave of absence will be granted in exceptional cases only.  Any authorised leave of absence must be documented on a request for absence form.

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School closure
In the event of the School being forced to close due to adverse weather conditions (e.g. snow, flooding etc.) a text message will be sent to all parents.  We shall also display a message on the home page of this website and email parents.

The procedure for informing the school of absence through sickness is as described above.  Infectious illnesses must be reported to the school as soon as these are diagnosed.

If, on the student's return to school, medicine is required, a letter explaining how much and when to administer the medicine is required. Please note that without written consent signed by the parent or guardian, staff cannot give medicine.   With the exception of asthma inhalers, students are not permitted to carry medicines on them whilst in school, and must leave these with the school office each morning. 

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Code of conduct
We expect all students to show courtesy and consideration to others.  A high standard of self-discipline and behaviour is expected from all students.   The full Code of Conduct is printed in the student planner.

Bullying may be verbal, physical, emotional or "cyber-bullying" and will not be tolerated by the school in any form whatsoever. Students are encouraged to report any incident, no matter how small, to a member of staff as soon as it occurs. 

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Rewards and Sanctions

The school aims to promote high standards of behaviour, self-discipline and learning through positive encouragement and reward.

Effort or achievement may be rewarded with credits.   An accumulation of 50 credits results in a Mercury Award.  Credits also contribute to the house credit system. A trophy is awarded to the house gaining the highest number of credits.

Mercury Awards are relatively hard to earn, but can accumulate through the year to meet `benchmarks1 which carry different level awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold).  At each level a certificate is issued and `Gold` level students are invited to `The Mercuries` - a special Awards Evening - with their parents.

An individual Citizenship Trophy is presented annually for outstanding contribution to the school community.

Inevitably there must also be a punishment for misbehaviour. Debits are given for behaviour that is not acceptable, incorrect uniform or work that is neither completed nor of a standard that reflects a student's ability.   The accumulation of six debits during one half term results in a detention.

On some occasions students will be expected to attend overdue work sessions. These will mostly occur in Years 10 and 11 if coursework deadlines have not been met.

Detentions take place on Fridays from 3.45pm to 4.45pm. Parents will receive at least 24 hours` written notice, explaining the reason. Slips must be taken home, signed by parents and returned to school. Only in extreme circumstances will a detention be rearranged.

Where deemed appropriate, students may be placed on report.  Each teacher will write a comment after every lesson and the Report Sheet will be checked by the Head of Year or the student's Tutor and sent home for parents to sign each day.

In serious cases, students may be excluded from school for a period of time and then invited to come in with their parents and agree to accept a written Code of Conduct before being re-admitted. As a last resort, students may be permanently excluded from the school. The Headteacher will discuss the reasons for this exclusion with parents.

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Homework is both important and compulsory. Homework that is undertaken regularly throughout a child’s school career can be equivalent to an additional year of study. Students are given a homework timetable to help them organise their work and time.

Every student has a planner. These are used to record homework set, and are also a very effective two-way method of communication between school and home. The planners also contain general information on a range of school policies and procedures including uniform requirements and the School's Code of Conduct.

All students should be correctly dressed and come to school with the correct equipment.  All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with the student's name.  

Students are not permitted to wear jewellery, except wristwatches.  Hair that is shoulder length must be tied back at all times.

Please click here to view the full list of school uniform and equipment; our uniform supplier is John Lewis and PE kit is available from PlayerLayer.

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Lunches and Breaks

All food is cooked on site.  The canteen is open before school from 8.00am for breakfast.  Students may buy bacon rolls, sandwiches and hot drinks.  A range of healthy snacks is available during mid-morning break.   During lunchtime there are

three main meal choices each day, which always include a vegetarian option.   In addition, a pasta dish, jacket potatoes, and salads are always available. Menus are changed each week.

Students in years 7-10 are not permitted to leave the school boundaries during the school day.  Year 11 students may be given permission to leave the site at lunchtime to visit the local shops to purchase lunch.  This is a privilege which may be withdrawn if a student's behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable.

Chewing gum is forbidden in school, and any student found chewing gum will be given an after-school detention.

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School bus routes
The School operates bus routes within a 20 mile radius of the School to suit the needs, where possible, of the students.  The current routes may be found on the transport page of this website.

Valuables in School

The School takes no responsibility for valuables which are not handed in for safe keeping at the beginning of the day to the Reception or Office. (This includes, in particular, mobile `phones and portable audio equipment).

If a student needs to bring a large quantity of money to school for a particular reason please ensure it is clearly labelled in an envelope and that it is handed in as they arrive in School.


Our Complaints Policy and Procedure may be downloaded here

We have a regulatory requirement to state the number of formal complaints made:

In the academic year 2015-2016, there were no formal complaints

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