Year 7 House Netball

Year 7 House Netball Year 7 House Netball

Year 7 were very excited about representing their House for the first time in Netball. Spartan started strong in every game and Sophie S scored lots of goals for Spartan.

Shemi was goal defence and intercepted lots of passes and Emily played well as centre getting up and down the court quickly.

Verity also scored for Spartan and we won 4 - 0 against Roman. Sophie L, Bo k, Anya P, Daisy M and Katie H played really well against Trojan and Spartan won 5 - 2. 

Trojan beat Roman in the final game and their star players were Connie C and Matilda H. Bethany C and Isobel B played well for Roman. 
Roman 0 v Spartan 4
Roman 3 v Trojan 4
Spartan 5 v Trojan 2

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