Southampton Schools Cross Country - Race 2 St Mary's

Southampton Schools Cross Country - Race 2 St Mary's Southampton Schools Cross Country League Race 2 
On Wednesday 27th September The Gregg School competed at St Mary's College for Race 2 of the season.

The junior girls race was first off and Melody C took the lead with Jess S following closely behind. Melody extended her lead, winning her first ever league race and Jess recorded her best finishing position in 2nd place. There were also very good runs from the Year 7 students who are 2nd in the league.
Harry H went straight to the front in the junior boys race but despite the challenge from another student he extended his lead. Josh H finished in 3rd place just ahead of Lars F-P who was 4th. The boys team are currently top of the A and B League. 
Chloe E struggled with her cold but still managed 3rd place in the inter girls race.
Well done to everyone who took part. Our next race is Wednesday 4th October at Southampton Sports Centre. 
Junior Girls
1st Melody C, 2nd Jessica S, 12th Bethany C, 21th Libby S-C, 22nd Harriet R, 34th Daisy M, 25th Bo K

Junior Boys
1st Harry H, 3rd Josh H, 4th Lars FP, 6th William R, 7th Ben K, 9th Ben J, 13th Freddie G, 14th Andre H ,15th David T, 20th Henry E, 23rd Ben H, 21st Will N-S, 24th, Luke S, 25th Patrick B
Inter Girls
3rd Chloe E, 12th Anna H, 14th Charlotte S, 15th Kaira F-P


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