Year 9 House Netball

Year 9 House Netball Year 9 House Netball

In the first House event of this academic year, it was fantastic to see every Year 9 girl represent their house.

In house colours and matching face paints the teams were ready for battle. 
In the first match, Roman set a high tempo with Izzy B playing centre and Roman scoring quickly thanks to Paloma H and Lillie B as shooters. Roman had Georgie SS and Megan M on the wings who managed to make lots of important interceptions and Roman had a 4-1 lead at half time with the final score was 7-2. 
In the second game, Trojan were unstoppable against Spartan thanks to Maddie B who scored some fine goals. However the Spartan team kept their heads held high and managed to get a goal back thanks for Robyn T. Evelyn H and Rosie B were strong in defence for Trojan Isabelle R scored for Trojan to make the final score 8-1.
In the deciding match, Trojan scored early against Roman, but the Roman players kept their marking tight and managed to take a slight lead at half time. Georgia B kept the made some great interceptions and the final score was victory to Roman 7 - 5. 
Final scores: Roman 7 - Spartan 2
Roman 7 - Trojan 5
Roman 8 - Spartan 1

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