Trojan Dance their way to Victory

Trojan Dance their way to Victory After weeks of creative hard work, the three house dances were ready to be performed!

Spartan started the competition and a huge amount of student work had gone into their dance with no staff input at all.

Mr Wilford tasked the students to come up with a performance of different group dances linked together to guide the audience through music from the 80’s. Olivia W in her Spartan colours gave the dance an energetic start, followed by Katie C-E leading the Year 7s through ‘Burn baby burn’. Some gangster moves from Charlotte S and Anna H lead the dance on into the boy’s section where PJ lead his troop of black hatted boys into the finale.

The whole Spartan dance group, all 16 students performed the final flourish together on stage. Mr Willford was incredibly proud of what the students had achieved and was thrilled that the participation numbers had increased to such a healthy size – his main aim for this year.

The Trojan dance lead by Ellie B took on a very different slant this year. Inspired by the film ‘Annie’ the students wanted to tell more of a story this year. Brushes brushing, mops mopping, pillow throwing, dish cloths dancing, and towel turning – the Trojan dance was full of props and the costumes were hand made by Ellie B and Hannah M.

The girls started their dance by appearing on stage sweeping and cleaning. When the music kicked in the girls launched into a complex story telling dance which had the audience gripped from start to finish. Isabelle C’s drama skills came into action when playing a dramatic Miss Hanagon character jumping and turning across the stage.

Eleanor W shone as Annie with some solo moves and the Year 8 quad Maddy B, Rosie B, Isabelle R and Evie H added some great enthusiasm and some fantastic ideas and moves to choreograph into the dance.

The judges were impressed with the professional performance, interesting choreography and the story telling nature of the performance.

Closing the show were the impressive collective group from Roman House. 18 students dancing together with animal masks on and the traditional red ribbons of Roman House. A lion king inspired dance gave the audience a moving, funny and dramatic dance. A beautiful cannon arm wave perfectly timed and some graceful ballet moves from Grace impressed the judges. Mia G, and Lewis S acted a great lion fight. Patrick B, Niamh OD and Beth R impressed with their cartwheels. The finale to ‘Oh I just can’t wait to be king’ saw some lifts and a heart-warming finish.

The judges were impressed with the standard of the dances, the participation levels and the student involvement in creating them. The Heads of House would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students who took part, we know what a large commitment you all made and to say a huge well done for the dances you created and performed.

The results were:  1st Trojan, 2nd Roman, 3rd Spartan.

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