Year 7 & 8 Southampton City Cross Country Championships

Year 7 & 8 Southampton City Cross Country Championships The Gregg School produced an outstanding performance at The Year 7 & 8 Southampton Cross Country Championships. The junior boys produced our best ever set of results filling the top 6 places! Lars FP claimed his first championship title and both Jose H and Jamie N were awarded individual medals and the team won gold.

Jessica S in Year 7 had a great run to finish in 2nd place and Jasmine L, Isobel W and Jessica C finished well to claim silver team medals. The year 8 boys were lead in by Sam J also collected silver team medals. Melody C in year 8 collected a silver individual medal.
Year 7 Boys  Gold Team Medals
1st Lars F-P, 2nd Jose H, 3rd Jamie Nk, 4th Josh H, 5th Will R, 6th Ben K, 16th Jake L, 29th Cole P
Year 7 Girls Silver Team Medals
2nd Jessica S, 11th Jasmine L, 19th Isobel W, 26th Jessica C
Year 8 Boys Silver Team Medals
5th Sam J, 6th Mark B, 9th Henry E, 11th Patrick B

Year 8 Girls
2nd Melody C, 7th Georgie S-S

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