House Badminton Competition 11th January 2017

15 students took part in the House Badminton Competition at Bitterne Leisure Centre on Wednesday. In the junior competition, Roman were very strong and dominated all of their matches with Alex B and Josh C showing off some great skills. A highlight was an 11 shot rally between Alex B of Roman and Thomas M of Spartan.

Spartan won all their games against Trojan giving them 4 points overall. However Jazz W and Giorgia D of Trojan were last minute team replacements, so well done girls for representing your house. The overall junior placings were:

1st Roman (Alex B and Josh C)
2nd Spartan (Thomas M and Elijah K)
3rd Trojan (Jazz W and Giorgia D)
The senior competition was much closer and Trojan had the edge over Roman. Rob J was unstoppable winning all of his matches and Frazer B only lost one match. Roman played well winning half of their matches and Spartan's top player was Archie S.

The overall senior placings were: 

1st Trojan (Rob J, Steve J, Frazer B)
2nd Roman (Johan H, Matt M, Josh B)
3rd Spartan (Andrew F, Harry P, Archie S).
The overall results were very close: 1st Roman (won 17)
2nd Trojan (won 15) 3rd Spartan (won 7) Alex B Year 9

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