Charity Fun Day

Charity Fun Day Students across all year groups had a fantastic time last Friday raising money for Children In Need.

The `Penny Wars` competition continues to grow in popularity, with Trojan House keen to gain their first win, having been defeated twice by both Roman and Spartan in in the previous four years. Students dropped 1p pieces into their own House containers, and sabotaged the opposition by adding other denominations, which were then subtracted from the total amount in the container.

At the end of the competition, the containers were at bursting point, and the results were as follows:

Amount raised

1st Roman -£12.09 £81.27
2nd Trojan -£30.23 £64.27
3rd Spartan -£84.23 £126.81
Total: £272.35

The cake sale at break drew enthusiastic crowds and a terrific number of amazing cakes on offer, which contributed a further £153.11 to the day’s fundraising.

Year 7 students enjoyed the afternoon in our grounds, trying to charm worms to the surface, with the aim of having the most worms in their sponsored squares.`Charming wands` proved successful for some, whilst others resorted to more traditional methods to extract the worms from the ground. (No worms were harmed in the process.)

Year 8 spent the afternoon blowing up as many balloons as they could within a time limit, in a competition to see which tutor group could fill the most giant sacks in an hour. We were amazed at the amount of puff our students managed to produce, with some groups filling over 40 sacks!

Once tallied, the sacks were taken over to the Hall, where each group were timed to see who could burst their balloons in the shortest time. Well done to 8SJW and 8KSM who were joint victors.

Year 9 gathered expectantly in the Hall and very excitedly started to plan routes for their minibus drivers. There were seven locations to work out from the short clues provided by Mrs Goodchild and lots of maps to try and find where these places were. The teachers keenly guiding these groups were Miss Brenton, Mrs Pim, Ms Hermitage, Miss Cooke and Mrs Toward, the students having made bids to select the teacher and driver they thought would guide them through the treasure hunt most successfully. Each group quickly grasped the task in hand and within 15 minutes were on their minibuses trying to visit all the locations and be back at school by 3.30pm. All groups visited the Blue Cross Animal Rescue Centre in Bubb Lane, delivering cat and dog food donations to support the Centre in the run up to Christmas. Year 9 had a great afternoon and showed themselves to be great ambassadors of The Gregg.

Year 10 students went to `Hollywood Bowl` in Eastleigh for a sponsored bowling challenge to raise money for Children in Need. With the students in high spirits and keen to start, they quickly set up the scoring screens and the fun began.

Talented bowlers soon made themselves known with several strikes appearing on the screens, possibly aided for some by the use of the bumpers! By the end of the afternoon, students had done their best to earn as much as possible from their sponsorship. A really great afternoon of fundraising! 

`I’m A Gregg Student - Get Me Out Of Here` set Year 11 students a series of team and individual challenges which were met with great fortitude by all.

Encased in a coffin with assorted `creatures`? No problem! Feeding each other jelly whilst blindfolded? No problem! Standing in a bath filled with custard to retrieve the elusive stars? No problem! Bobbing for insects in a bowl of disgusting slop? No problem! Racing across the netball court with leaking buckets? No problem! These and many other challenges culminated in the Bushtucker Trials, where students were served delicacies which included Black Ant Canapés, Bar-Be-Que Bamboo Worms, and Frankenstein Fudge with Buffalo Worms.

Thank you to all the students, parents and staff who supported the Fundraising Day so wholeheartedly We will let you know the final amount raised in due course.

Can students please bring any remaining sponsorship forms and money to School by next Wednesday at the latest.

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