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The Orchard

The OrchardView photos of the Orchard here

In terms of the history of the site the Orchard is a relatively new addition - perhaps planted in the 1960s (to be verified)  

Banding will be added to the trees to improve fruit quality in future.    

Restoration work continues with four new pear trees planted since last season.  Our grateful thanks to Steven and Julia Hayes of Fruitwise Heritage Apples for their help in identifying the existing tree varieties and especially in discovering a rare Duchess' Favourite.

Duchess favourite blossom Duchess favourite tree
Duchess favorite blossom Duchess favorite tree


View photos of the Orchard here

map of the orchard

1 - Pear "Bon Chretien" (2009)

2 - Bramleys Seedling

3 - Howgate Wonder

4 - Worcester Pearmain

5- Lord Lambourne

6 - Cox's Orange Pippin

7 - Ellisons Orange

7? - Ellisons Orange or Charles Ross

8 - Egremont Russett (2009)

9 - Keswick Codlin

10 - Blenheim Orange (2009)

12 - Ashmead's Kernal (2009)

13 - Plum "Victoria" (2009)

14 - Duchess' Favourite

P - Pear / Conference (2012)

F - Family Pear 3-in-1 (2011)

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To celebreate th Gertude Jekyll Garden Centenary in 2012 we hope to be selling "Friends of Townhill Park House Gardens Honey" on a first come, first served bsis.

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