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Year 9

Year 9 students are encouraged to work more independently, using the project folders as a guide only.   By the end of this year, students should be able to use the Design Process almost unaided. This allows more time to explore and learn additional constructional techniques, the properties and limitation of materials, and the improvement of practical skills and workshop practice.

steady hand game

The Steady Hand Game
introduces the IC 4093 chip within a ‘latching’ circuit, digital circuits and logic gates.   photograph of bottles to show packaging projectThe cover for the game base could be vacuum moulding if required.   A possible graphic extension could be an integrated back board to enhance and complement the chosen shape of the game wire. 


Packaging Project to design a drinks bottle label.   The graphic products content involves the design and computer manipulation of a label to display the final design in a variety of graphical styles and types.   A prototype model is also produced.

photo of a wind mobile
The Wind Mobile Project
uses a variety of materials and forming methods to simply demonstrate and experience the production techniques necessary for construction. 


Year 9 students are expected to be able to work from technical drawings, fact sheets and procedure charts.   An independence of thought, time management and work organisation is encouraged in order to equip students with the skills needed for the demands of the forthcoming GCSE coursework and examinations.



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