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Year 8

pot holderYear 8 students are encouraged to extend within the Design Process their own creativity, presentation and developmental skills from the foundations built during year 7.   To complement this, new construction techniques, materials and practical skills are also added.

Themed clockThe modern clock project examines the ‘Swatch’ styled contemporary fashion watch and tries to reflect this in the design of a ‘stand alone’ clock.   The properties of acrylic sheet and the techniques of shaping, forming and finishing are also of major interest.

The ornamental garden accessory project.  Students will undertake one of two projects using a working drawing to gain the information necessary to mark out and cut their material to size.   Jigs and scrolling formers are used to shape the component parts and a pop rivet gun used to assemble the project.   It is then heated and dip coated to form a ‘plastic’ covered protective coating.

An enamelled key ring.  The ring is made of copper with an attractive protective layer of ‘melted glass’, called enamel.  The key ring is designed using a design folder, and the enamelling is carried out using a procedure chart to remind students of the correct method.


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