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Head of Department: Mrs K Walker


History trip to Weald and Downland Museum


In Years 7, 8 and 9 study a broad British history curriculum with links to the wider world where appropriate.


In Year 7 we study Medieval Conquest, the development of castles, Medieval society and religion. We then study the Tudors and Stuarts. We also visit the Weald and Downland Museum in Sussex to study aspects of Medieval and Tudor life.


Year 8 study the British Empire through to the development of the Commonwealth. This is followed by a study of the period 1750-1900 which includes the Industrial Revolution, health, the Chartist movement and womens fight for the vote. A joint trip with the Personal and Social Development Department to the Houses of Parliament is also on offer.


Year 9 focusses on the twentieth century where we begin with an in-depth study of World War 1, and every other year offer the opportunity to visit the World War 1 sites around Ypres in Belgium which is an extremely popular trip. The students then have an independent enquiry project on social history, studying a given decade in the twentieth century where they can focus on areas that interest them such as transport, technology, fashion, medicine etc. We then study World War 2 and its aftermath including the Holocaust, the dropping of the atomic bomb and the emerging Cold War. Finally we study how conflict has changed with a study of terrorism into the 21st century. A trip focussing on World War 2 to the D-Day Museum and Fort Nelson is in the planning stages for 2017.


In Years 10 and 11 we follow the Edexcel IGCSE specification which focusses on International History and has the following topics to offer:


1. Russia 1905-1924

2. Germany 1918-1945

3.Tthe Changing Nature of Warfare 1919-2011

4. USA 1945-74  


Upper school students visit the Bovington Tank Museum and the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton. 


In 2018 we will be offering students the opportunity to visit Berlin and Auschwitz. This will be open to all upper school students and iis not dependent on them taking IGCSE History.






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