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Key Stage 3

In the lower school (Years 7-9) students are broadly streamed in geography lessons, which along with small class sizes ensures that all students are able to work at a suitable pace and make good progress.

We aim to teach a broad and stimulating curriculum in Key Stage 3, focusing on local, national and global concerns.  Geography field trip on the beach

There is a good balance between physical and human environments.

All year groups have the opportunity to venture further afield during their study of Geography. Year 7 visit Hurst Spit, Year 8 carry out fieldwork at Lulworth Cove in association with the Science Department, and Year 9 take part in a residential trip to Swanage.  Geography field trip - measuring the flow of the riverGeography field trip - catching fish from the river

The following  table represents an overview of our current Key Stage 3 curriculum.

Overview of KS3 curriculum

 Year 7  Year 8  Year 9
 World of Geography
Ecosystems & the Amazon rainforest  Geomorphology
 Settlement  Plate tectonics  Rivers and coasts
 Map skills  Economic activities  Population
 Weather and climate  Football  Development issues
 Coasts  National parks  Resources
Hurst Spit  Tourism  


Geography field trip - Lulworth Cove, Dorset














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