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Babies Home Overnight

As part of their course, students take home one of our "interactive babies" overnight. Here are some of their comments on their experiences.

"When I took the baby home, I thought it was a good experience to see how looking after a baby would be.  This was exciting, although in the night it was quite hard and challenging! "  Leah

"Looking after the baby girl for a night was tiring but it was good fun.  It was hard getting up but I think everyone would answer to a cry of a baby!" Sammy

Child Development Students at The Gregg School"I looked forward to taking the baby home for a night, and thought it would be fun.  But I wasn't so happy when it woke me up twice in the middle of the night!"

"It was a good experience and made me realise it is not all easy being a parent and you have to be there 24:7." Laura

"I was looking forward to taking that baby boy home, but I didn't realise how tiring it would be."

"Taking home the baby was a good chance to get the feel of being a full time mother.  It was difficult but quite exciting." Rio

"It made me think about what a real parent has to go through with a baby." Emily

"The baby girl was a really good experience.  It was very hard work, but it made me think about how much work you have to do for a baby.  I enjoyed it a lot though." Charlotte

"My experience of looking after the baby girl for a night was a good adventure and showed me what it would be like to have a baby of my own."

"Taking the baby home and taking care of him made me realise that you have to be ready and 100% sure that you want a baby as it is a really hard job! " Neela



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