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Art and Design

Head of Department: Mrs S Toward 


Girl in the waves Painting by Emily C


The Art and Design department provides students with the opportunity at Key Stage 3 to prepare for success at GCSE.  In Art, students will cover drawing and painting, print making, mixed media, sculpture and critical studies.  These will equip students with the knowledge and flexibility at GCSE to work with their strengths to achieve their potential.

Students will complete a new project each term.  The following skills are developed:

  • Drawing and painting Painting by GCSE Art student
  • Mixed media
  • Printmaking – press print, mono printing
  • Sculpture – 3D and relief work
  • Artist research/ Critical studies
  • Reflection and analysis

Students are expected to explore and develop ideas, investigate and make, evaluate and develop work and show a knowledge and understanding of work.

GCSE Art coursework piece by student

Key Stage 4

Students choosing Art as an Option for GCSE study the OCR examining board syllabus, and will begin to focus on their strengths and work with appropriate media.   The structure of the course is as follows:

Coursework = 60%   Examination = 40%


Coursework will be produced throughout Years 10 and 11.  The examination is taken in Year 11. Students receive a question paper with 12 topics, from which they will select one, followed by a six week preparation period before the final piece is completed during a 10 hour examination. 




Students will be assessed on the following objectives:

  • The recording of observations, experiences and ideas in forms that are appropriate to intentions.
  • Analysis and evaluation of images, objects and artefacts showing understanding of context.
  • Development and exploration of ideas using media, processes and resources, reviewing, modifying and refining work as it progresses.
  • Personal response, realising intentions and making informed connections with the work of others.
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